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"Power of Dreams" has arrived!

Presenting "Power of Dreams"

Following a two year journey of self- rediscovery, after the release of her eight album in 2017, The Queen of Afro Jazz, Judith Sephuma, has come back to provoke thoughts and emotions through music with her latest Afro Jazz album titled Power of Dreams.

The multi-award winning artist and an acclaimed prolific, versatile singer gave this album time needed to produce a mesmeric and enchanting artistry that would provide solace and a magical experience for her music lovers, while they enter into her world through the Power of Dreams.

“The Power of Dreams album emanates from a fountain of inspiration by music, love and life itself. I missed my sound from a long time ago, and this propelled me to step away from my comfort zone, and allow myself to open my mind up to new ideas. To achieve this, I had to be in the best place mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Once I got into that place the creative juices began to flow, and I knew it was time to package a beautiful album that would bare my soul, and allow for powerful connections. I wanted to write and produce my work for a change and I did it,” says Sephuma.

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A taste of what you can get

I believe that everything you can imagine is real.

This album boasts tracks for every occasion, moment and emotion. It opens up with a Samba feel good happy song "Dance" inspired by the love Sephuma has for her friends that she describes as ‘great friends that I will not trade for anything and have been the same friends forever’.

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